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Lab Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Process Technic

Application & Process :

PRISM® New LABOsyrupplant is Lab scale automatic Oral Syrup Manufacturing Plant is ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the Research and Development of Oral Liquids.

For process of following,

  • The sugar crystals and water are added to sugar melting vessel. The steam is supplied and the sugar crystals are melted. Addition of additives manually and it mixes at the set temperature.
  • The melt down sugar is transferred to manufacturing vessel after filtration in cone filter through transfer pump. The steam and heat are supplied in syrup manufacturing vessel and the additives are added manually and mixed at the set temperature.
  • After confirmation of syrup discharge the product is transferred to filter for filtration which is then transferred by transfer pump to storage vessel.
  • Keeping the product in storage tank under agitation for next process for trail and R&D..

Salient Features :

  • Completely fully automatic liquid / oral manufacturing plant with fully automatic operations and designed as per cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Capacity of Lab scale syrup plant is 10 Liters.
  • Fully Automatic liquid oral mfg plant consisting of
    • 1. Sugar Melting Vessel - Jacketed, Insulated with mixing stirrer-Top Entry.
    • 2. Cone Filter with Transfer Pump.
    • 3. Syrup Manufacturing Vessel - Jacketed, Insulated with mixing stirrer- Top Entry
    • 4. Filter - Final filtration is done in filter.
    • 5. Storage Tank
    • 6. Transfer pump - It is provide to transfer the syrup / suspension.
    • 7. Interconnecting Pipeline
    • 8. Integrated Automatic Control Panel.

Lab SCALE Syrup Manufacturing Plant