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Lab Fluid Bed Processor & Coater

Fluidized Bed Process Technik for Drying, Granulating & Pallet Coating.

Application & Process :

The prism compact NewLABOgranulatorcoater-COMBO model Fluid bed technology is a offer an effective and efficient method for drying, granulating, agglomerating and granules/ pellet coating. The Fluid Bed Equipment has universal application. You can combine with mixing as a very rapid dryer in combo with suitable nozzle system a combined granulator, dryer and coater.

The overall concepts of the NewLABOgranulatorcoater-COMBO steam from similar of process based on production model and common needs of consistent processing and ease for operation and cleaning.

1. The Drying process : Warm air is blown through a perforated distributor to rapidly and gently dry materials until the required residual moisture content is reached. Moisture evaporated from product is exhausted with drying air.

2. The Granulating by Top Spraying System : The top spray granulator agglomerates finer particles into larger, free flowing granulates in a one pot process. Ingredients are mixed and pre-heated by an upward flow of heated air. Granulation occurs by spraying liquid into the fluidized powder. The granules are subsequently dried with heated air. The top spray granulator can also used for top spray coating, layering from liquids, and instantizing.

3. The Pellets Coating by Bottom Spraying - Wurster System : A bottom sprays apparatus capable of the controlled application uniform layers of solid onto small to medium sized particles without agglomeration. Movement of both hot air and product is controlled by the apparatus to ensure that the heating in the process air is used for vaporization of the liquid and not undesirable heating of the product. The objects being processed are coated and dried in the coating column means wurster coater, and return to the bed in a non tacky condition for another layer of coating..


New Design Features :

  • Designed strictly compliance with the stipulation of cGMP.
  • Product contact parts AISI 316 / 316 L Quality & Food grade silicon.
  • Capacity available from 1 Kg to 15 Kg for laboratory and pilot scale plants.
  • Single Pot Technology for mixing, drying, granulating, Coating & Pelletizing.
  • Auto process controls for top spray granulation and bottom spray coating system with advance PLC controls system with HMI Touch screen.
  • Top spray system for Making granules from powder.
  • Wurster coater by Bottom spraying for Pellet and granules coating.
  • Top spaying & Bottom spraying system with precise flow control peristaltic pump.
  • Continuous Air flow with blow-back air for filter cleaning.
  • Inbuilt Inlet Air handler with S.S. Electric heater, 20 & 5 micron filter & 0.3 micron HEPA.
  • Exhaust air blower with 20 micron filter.
  • Option for Combo model, Only for granulation with top Spraying system and Only for Coater with Bottom spraying system

Safety Features :

  • Explosion flap fitted with aluminum material for safety.
  • Auto shutoff system for over limit temperature/ heating & when process is completed.
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit.
  • Differential pressure indicator for filter bag, Product sieve and HEPA Filter.
  • Safe earthling system for static current & Overload relay controls.

MODEL- Lab & Pilot
Working Capacity in Kg.
Total Electric Power Kw
Drying Temperature
40 to 85 C
40 to 85 C
40 to 85 C
Compressed Air at 6 bar pressure
15 cfm
15 cfm
15 cfm
Peristaltic Pump
Single head
Single head
Single head

Lab Fluid Bed Equipment- Top Spray & Bottom Spray