Tablet Press Tooling - Die & Punch

Precise Perfect Finish Tablet Press Tooling

Application & Process :

Prism's Punches and dies are manufactured in-house with state of art machines. The raw material used in the production of tablets is compressed by a pressure of several tons on a small area of a few square millimeters, to produce a visually perfect tablet. There fore the Tablet press tooling is required harder and smoother and good finish surface. Prism has developed an advance technological system especially for manufacturing of precise, perfect and finished tablet tools.

Salient Features :

  • Choice for material of construction of Die and Punch-
    1. OHNS (T) Oil Hardened Non shrinking steel (Tungsten) - AISI 01
    2. HCHC - High carbon High chromium steel - AISI D3
  • Tooling size as per EURO, IPT Standards and Special tooling.
  • Can be manufactured any shape of the tooling.
  • Can be manufactured Multi tips and Polo type tooling.
  • Careful matching of material and hardness.
  • Trouble free fitting and removal
  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerances.
  • High Precision finish.

Optional Features :

  • Hard Chrome Plating.

Tablet Press Tooling

Tablet Press Tooling